Student Blogging Challenge Week 4: Make It Global

This week we are on the Week 4 Student Blogging Challenge which is to Make It Global which means that we can pick any cause in the world and write about it. I focused on getting clean water. The site I went on was it has amazing, mind blowing statistics and facts. I found this site because our teacher posted many links on her blog for helping different causes and this was the first one I clicked on. You can find all the facts I talk about you on the website i visited Some people walk hours and hours just to get unhealthy water so think before you are complaining about something being wrong with your water. Did you know that every 20 second a child dies from water related diseases? Also that in one hour 180 kids die from water related diseases. In one day 200 million hours are consumed by collecting water for their families which is the equivalent time to build 28 empire state buildings. When woman go to get water it’s not just a long trip it’s also very dangerous. Some woman even get attacked whil they go to retreave water.884 million people lack clean water which is almost 3 times the size of the US popluation. So before you complain about warm water or when you don’t drink all your water during dinner  think about how hard some people would work to get one glass of clean water. So the next time you complain about a little issue with your water think about the people that don’t have healthy water and think would you be complaining about healthy waterr if you were in their shoes?

5 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge Week 4: Make It Global

  1. Hello, Shane! That’s a nice research on water problems. You are a hard-working student, aren’t you? I have visited the website too (thank you for the link). I would never like to be in those people’s shoes, of course. And I never complain about my water, although sometimes I have to filter and boil it before drinking. My students and I promised to try and use water wisely. We don’t waste it! Each time we turn off the tap here in Russia we hope that the water we haven’t used goes to those who suffer from its lack in Africa, for example. And even if it seems stupid and childish we’ll go on with this!
    If you have time, check out our blog See you!

  2. Hello Shane, It’s me again, Jami! You did a great job with your research about water! I must say that you really opened my eyes to a few new things I did not know about water, like the fact ” 200 million hours are consumed by collecting water for their families”. Sometimes people in the United State do not understand how fortunate we are to have a simple thing such as clean water. I do not drink water as much as I should be I definitely don’t complain about it. From now on I will try to make sure that my family and I do a better job at conserving the amount of water that we use on a regular basics. It may not make a huge difference but it would not hurt to try. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hello, Shane!
    It’s me again, Angela and once again you did another great job on your blog post. I explored the page and Shane, you’re right; there were mind blowing facts that I did not even know. It is really sad how every 20 seconds a child dies from a water related disease. Situations like that will make you become even more appreciative of what you have. The “simple” things like you mentioned about having a clean glass of water to drink, taking a hot shower, and just being able to flush the toilet are things that we take for granted. All I drink is water (no sodas), so I feel good that I am not wasteful with water. Keep up the great work, Shane! I am enjoying your blog posts!

    • Thank you for all your comments. I really enjoy that people will take my advice about water. Latstly thank you for visiting my link.

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