Blogging can sometimes be educational but I felt like it was to distracting. I felt like this blogging challenge was more about playing with widgets and having picture. These were distracting to me but some people had really good posts that I enjoyed. Overall I thought that the blogs were to distracting and not enough of education.

Week 9 Blogging Challenge

For the Week 9 Blogging Challenge we had to visit blogs and comment on three of there posts and then after that we had to go to the links of people they had and do that three times. This did not work very well because most of the people didn’t have enough posts and sometimes the people didn’t have go links to other blogs or they didn’t have any links at all. But here are three quality blogs that had good links and posts they did a great job explaining water problems and had good links to other blogs also they did a great job explaining their dream job. Another one is she had very good details about world hunger and showed great passion for it. Lastly did a great post on pollution.

Week 8 Blogging Challenge: Something I’ve Learned

For the Week 8 Blogging Challenge we have to write something we have learned. Something I have learned is how to play hockey. I learned to skate and play hockey when I was about 2 or 3 years old. I learned how to shoot pass and skate, I am glad I learned how to play hockey because it a very fast and fun sport. Another reason I am glad my parents taught me how to play ockey is because not very many people can say they play hockey but I can. Hockey is is a sport that is not very popular but that still doesn’t stop me from not wanting too play it just inspires me to introduce the sport to many other people.

Eiffel Tower:Week 5

For the Week 5 Blogging Challenge I wrote about something that I enjoyed which was the Eiffel Tower and we had t add pictures for the challenge.I have been to the Eiffel tower only once but when I went i enjoyed it so much! I really wish I can go again because it was so fun except walking up to to the second floor was so tiring. We went during the night and the golden lights were really cool and every 30 minuets white lights started to flash. If you ever get the chance to visit Paris I recommend visiting the Eiffel Tower.

Student Blogging Challenge Week 4: Make It Global

This week we are on the Week 4 Student Blogging Challenge which is to Make It Global which means that we can pick any cause in the world and write about it. I focused on getting clean water. The site I went on was it has amazing, mind blowing statistics and facts. I found this site because our teacher posted many links on her blog for helping different causes and this was the first one I clicked on. You can find all the facts I talk about you on the website i visited Some people walk hours and hours just to get unhealthy water so think before you are complaining about something being wrong with your water. Did you know that every 20 second a child dies from water related diseases? Also that in one hour 180 kids die from water related diseases. In one day 200 million hours are consumed by collecting water for their families which is the equivalent time to build 28 empire state buildings. When woman go to get water it’s not just a long trip it’s also very dangerous. Some woman even get attacked whil they go to retreave water.884 million people lack clean water which is almost 3 times the size of the US popluation. So before you complain about warm water or when you don’t drink all your water during dinner  think about how hard some people would work to get one glass of clean water. So the next time you complain about a little issue with your water think about the people that don’t have healthy water and think would you be complaining about healthy waterr if you were in their shoes?


My favorite sport is hockey because of many different aspects it takes to play the game. One reason hockey is my favorite sport is because it takes countless years just to learn how to skate well and after learning to skate you have to also learn how to play the game. Another reason hockey is the best sport is because it is the only sport where you can switch during the action. Lastly hockey is a great sport is because it is a fast moving sport and takes many years to learn. Hockey is the best sport because of these several reasons